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Eyebrow Threading


Eyebrow Threading Kit

Eyebrow Threading is the technique of using a double strand of cotton thread to twist around individual hairs, then pulls them out from the roots. This device is suitable for facial threading especially on upper lip, chin ,face  and eyebrows (designing eyebrows need some experience so we recommend you to work on your face or other parts area 2-3 session before working on eyebrows.)

This procedure of using eyebrow threading machine uses a pure cotton sequence in a rotating movement. An artistic strategy, that’s awesome to look at. It’s quicker than wax because it doesn’t need much preparing of the epidermis, implementing product or pieces. The process is used mainly on face but it could be use on hands and legs or any other part .

In evaluation to other methods of techniques, threads is quicker and less agonizing. A person with a lot of experience and expertise in using Threading machine can easily uproot several hair follicles at a time. With our effective way of life, it is not awesome to lose several hours per week to be in a medical center or salon tweezing, decorating and wax. Since places of the body such as the eye-brows, face and higher lip can be agonizing places, the threads technological innovation can do it easily and effortlessly at home using our threading eyebrow machine.So, it becomes the perfect and excellent method in comparison to wax for example, which is very agonizing, boring and rather long to execute.

Sugaring Alexandria is offering the electric Eyebrow Threading device kit very easy to use for removing any type of hair.

Threading kit include :1 Threading device+ Special organic thread + Special pull face powder + How to use booklet + 110-220 Volt adapter

With this eyebrow threading machine you will have a fabulous new experience !

Tutorial video are available on tutorial-home page