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Standard Sugaring



Standard Sugaring

Standard Sugaring Alexandria is the Traditional Egyptian sugaring that has been used for centuries for removing hair from the body and face.

Standard Sugaring is a 100% natural sugaring paste with medium hardness made from honey, sugar and lemon juice in addition to an herbal extract.  Standard sugaring can be used with many techniques,  you can use it with strips, With a spatula or with your hands, which is the traditional old-fashioned way.

How To Use:

Sugaring should never be more at more than 90 degree F so please test the sugaring solution with a thermometer before use to avoid skin burns.

Apply a very small drop onto your hand before using it on your body.

Start with clean and dry skin. We recommend that you use a pre-treatment sugaring cleanser and sterilized powder to prevent the sugaring paste from sticking to your skin and to help the sugaring paste to adhere to your hair and also to sterilize your skin.

Apply sugaring against the direction of hair growth and pull the sugaring in the same direction of hair growth. Repeat if hair is not removed completely.

If your body is sweaty, the sugaring will not adhere to hair. We recommend that you turn on an air conditioner or a fan. If sugaring is too hard you may add 1 drop of hot water and mix it with the sugaring paste.

Stubborn hair needs to be removed with the circular technique of sugaring  or you may tweeze it.

Sugaring is water soluble so if any sugaring remains or sticks to your skin, simply wash it off with a little water.

Dry your skin and apply sugaring toner to close pores and then apply sugaring moisturizing serum.

Wait 1 hour and then apply azulene oil to delay the hair growth and to cure irritation if any exists.

Ingredients: Sugar, Honey, Lemon Juice, Water, Chamomile Extract, Chamomile oil

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