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Brazilian Sugaring Wax


Brazilian Sugaring Wax Kit is a SOFT sugaring kit designed for pubic area . While all of the items are available separately, the best value is in buying all of them in this kit which includes:

  • 8 oz soft sugaring
  • 2 oz after sugaring toner
  • 2 spatulas
  • 6 Strips

Brazilian Sugaring Alexandria is a 100% natural soft sugaring paste made from natural ingredients designed for pubic areas in the front and back. It may be used for the underarms area or any other part like face and eyebrows.

If the room temperature is warm you may use it without warming, otherwise you need to put it in a microwave for 15 seconds. Don’t forget that microwave time varies according to the quantity in the jar.

You should usually test the temperature by applying a very small drop onto your hand before using it on your body.

Start with clean and dry skin. We recommend that you use pre-treatment sugaring cleanser and sterilized powder to prevent sugaring paste sticking to your skin and to help the sugaring to adhere to your hair.

If it is hard for you to see the area on which you are applying it, we recommend that you work in front of a mirror.

Apply sugaring to a small area against the direction of hair growth and then put on the strips and press it onto your skin. Rub the strip a few times, then, tightly stretch the skin with 1 hand and with the other in 1 quick movement pull the strip in the same direction of the hair growth. Repeat if hair is not removed completely.

Stubborn hair needs to be removed with the circular technique when using sugaring or you may tweeze it

Dry your skin and apply sugaring toner to close pores. Wait 1 hour and then apply Azulene oil to delay the hair growth and to cure irritation if any exists.

For Sugaring tips, please visit Tips link in the home page.

Ingredients: Sugar, Honey, Lemon Juice, Water, Chamomile Extract, Chamomile oil

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