мягкого шугаринга

Medium Regular kit


Medium Regular kit

1-    33 oz soft sugaring

2-    16 strips

3-    6 spatulas

Sugaring Alexandria offer you the same sugaring that Cleopatra were using to remove her unwanted hair.

Sugaring is a technique of hair removal for our bodies just like wax. Sugaring is made from honey sugar and water. As opposed to wax, Sugaring leaves skin smooth soft and clean, even before aftercare. Our products are created with only the best, all natural ingredients. We guarantee Sugaring Alexandria Products are free from any harmful ingredients.

Sugaring Alexandria uses only the purest and most beneficial natural ingredients to deliver an effective and nourishing hair remover.

Chemical-Free, Wax-Free, Resin-Free, 100%Organic Natural Hair Removal product.

Recommended for face, body and bikini area.

  • less painful than waxing, with minimal irritation
  • gentle enough for use, even on the most sensitive areas
  • detailed & easy-to-follow instruction booklet
  • simple cleanup – just use warm water (or jump in the shower) – Water-soluble and leaves no residue on the skin
  • microwave friendly
  • provides supplies for multiple treatments
  • Reusable strips.
  • Leave skin hair-free for up to 2 months
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas
  • Removes coarse as well as fine hair effectively
  • Gently removes the hair with the root

No worries, these products contain only natural ingredients:

  • paraben free
  • dye free
  • fragrance free
  • petrol free
  • resin free
  • wax free

How to use:

The first step to be sugared is to have a clean and dry skin; we also recommend you to use the sugaring cleanser and sugaring sterilized powder to complete the drying process and sterilized your skin. Do not forget to remove the excess powder. Powder also play another roles which is preventing sugaring paste to stick to your skin though allow sugaring to stick to your hair more strong.

Apply sugaring in a cool room or in front of a fan. Try to prepare the best environment to avoid sweating during sugaring, sweating makes the process of sugaring harder and may cause irritation. If it is too hot sugaring may stick to your skin.


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